Auburn Banking Company

Auburn banking company was incorporated in January 1929 and is located in Auburn, Kentucky. The bank is a subsidiary of First Community Bancorp, Inc. According to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation records, Auburn Banking Company is a commercial bank, state contract and Federal Reserve non-member, administered by the FDIC, given the type of sanctions the foundation has imposed. Coppery Banking Company is an FDIC-insured savings deposit with filing number 284. The Fed RSSD ID assigned by Auburn Banking Company is 811541.

auburn banking company

Red Brown Bank Corporation currently works with 2 branches located in Kentucky. Auburn banking company is the 114th largest bank in Kentucky. The bank has no workplaces outside of Kentucky.

The Bank Guidance Number is a 9-digit code that is important for processing Fedwire financial moves, processing outlet stores, bill installments, and other such mechanized moves. Currently, there are no guidance numbers for Auburn Banking Company in our dataset.

The full location of the Bank’s Central Command is 218 W. Central Avenue, Auburn, KY 42206. You can visit the bank’s authoritative website for more data and web-based financial assistance, if accessible. Get a summary of all Auburn Bank branches and branch data such as event hours, phone numbers, and addresses; please complete your hunt by selecting an area from the guide or list.

Auburn banking company router number

Auburn Banking Company’s routing Number is a 9-digit bank code used for different banking transactions such as a direct store, electronic installment, wire transfer, real look requests, and more. The turn-to-number is also known as the bank instruction number, turn-to-trip number (RTN), ABA number, and ACH instruction number. Indication numbers may vary, depending on where your record was originally opened and the type of exchange that took place.

auburn banking company

Reddish Banking Company is an FDIC-insured bank (not a partial bank) with an FDIC Certified ID 284. Auburn Banking Company’s RSSD ID is 811541.

Auburn Banking Company’s EIN (Employer Identification Number, also known as IRS Tax ID) is 610123210.

ABA Routing Number: Routing Numbers are also known as “Check Routing Numbers,” “ABA Numbers,” or “Redirect Shipping Numbers” (RTNs). The ABA Designator Number is a 9-digit ID number assigned to financial institutions by the American Bankers Association (ABA). The number represents the monetary institution for installment payments. Indication numbers may be contrasted based on where your records were opened and the type of exchange that was made. Each designation number is of interest to a specific bank, and large banks may have designation numbers for multiple states.

ACH Routing Number: ACH Routing Number stands for Automated Clearing House (ACH). This forwarding number is used for electronic money transactions in the United States. ACH helps to further increase the productivity and accuracy of installment processing and reduce costs. The bank provides ACH management for organizations that need to collect assets in a cluster and make payments electronically in installments through a public ACH organization. The ACH forwarding number is a nine-digit number. 

The first four digits identify the Fed region where the bank is located. The following four numbers distinguish specific banks. The last digit is called the check digit and it is a confirmation digit. ACH routing numbers are used for direct storage of finances, profits, annuities, periodic installments and classifications, government and state fee installments, and more.

Fedwire Routing Number: Fedwire Transfer Manager is the fastest technology for transferring assets between business accounts and other financial balances. It is used for local or global exchanges that do not involve money or check transactions, but record balances are collected directly electronically, with assets gradually transferred to another record. To complete a wire transfer, the source should provide his bank name and the payee’s record number, the payee account number, the city and conditions of the payee bank, and the bank’s instruction number.

auburn banking company

Auburn Banking Company Balance Sheet Analysis

As of March 31, 2022, Auburn Banking Company had $111,011,000 in resources, $74,963,000 in credits and $100,839,000 in stores. The long-term expansion of stores demonstrates the bank’s ability to raise assets to develop its credit and resources. The rise and fall of credit and resource development depend on banks’ development procedures. Sharp rises and falls in resources, stores, and credit can be tricky, signaling the release of lending guidelines, or monetary pain leading to a reduction in lending. Significant changes in these numbers are equally likely to come from bank acquisitions or mergers.


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