Monetary Policy Statements (MPS)

Bangladesh Bank (BB)’s Monetary Policy Statements (MPS) outline the monetary policy stance, designed to support government’s policies and programs in pursuit of faster inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction; while also maintaining price stability.

Monetary Policy Statements (MPS)

Monetary Policy Statements (MPS)

Bangladesh Bank (BB), the central bank of Bangladesh, has been carrying out its principal task of formulating and implementing the monetary policy to manage the monetary and credit system of the country with a view to stabilizing domestic monetary value and maintaining a competitive external par value of Taka towards fostering growth and development of country’s productive resources in the best national interest. BB formulates its monetary policy stance and designs monetary and credit programs based on macroeconomic updates and outlooks at home and abroad, subject to any mid-course revision if necessary.

Organizing face-to-face consultation meetings were not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions for the last two years. With the improvement of the pandemic situation, in-person consultation meetings with different macroeconomic experts, including former and sitting policymakers, economic analysts from think tanks, academia, and leaders from financial and business sectors were arranged. Opinions, suggestions, and guidelines from the experts present were taken into account with due importance while formulating this fiscal year’s MPS.

The feedbacks, anticulating current economic conditions and possible policy options, were instrumental in comprehending the required policy stance and framinur the monetary and credit programs for FY23 MPS Besides, the valuable inputs from all the learned Members of the Board of Directors of BB were also acknowledged. A concise evaluation of the last monetary policy stance has been made. All essential backsunil information and eationale have been assessed before taking any stance or policy/program for UX 24 MPS.

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