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Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank is a specialized government-owned bank in Bangladesh. The bank was founded to provide financial services to the paramilitary Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party. Major General Mizanur Rahman Shamim BP, OSP, NDC, PSC is the Chairman of this Bank.


Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank


Ansar-VDP Unnayan Bank- a Government-owned Specialized Bank was established in 1995 as per Law no. 21 promulgated in the parliament of Bangladesh with a view to ameliorating the economic condition of Ansar & VDP members. Around 6 million Ansar-VDP members are the direct beneficiaries of the Bank. The main objectives of this bank are to alleviate the poverty of marginal Ansar-VDP members, in particular, women empowerment and economic well-being by providing banking services to a large number of Ansar-VDP members through 219 Branches and 18 Regional Offices spreading every nook and corner of the country.



Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank


History of Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank

The bank was established in 1995 through an act of parliament. Despite being a bank for Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party members it has failed to attract adequate interest from them.

Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank Number of Branches 

The Bank has 259 branches across the country in 18 Regions.



Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank


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