Bank Management Index

Welcome to the bank management schedule. In this lesson we will discuss the basics of bank management. Related texts will be added as links within this article. To be read in order.

Bank Management Index

At the end of the article a list of questions that appear in various exams on basic concepts of bank management will be added. Let’s begin:

Bank Management:

What is a bank?

Types of Bank

Bank System Around the World

Banking System in Bangladesh

Management of Commercial Bank

Increasing Importance of Bank Management

Basis of All round Management:

All managers need to be agile to achieve their goals. In other words, having a clear understanding of the past, present, and future, choosing the strategy to reach the goal and ensuring accuracy in every necessary decision-making. It requires proper knowledge and personality. Appropriate knowledge is accumulated and developed in the light of relevant education, training and experience.

Philosopher Socrates has given special importance to the acquisition of knowledge for this reason. But according to the scientific Einstein, knowledge alone is not enough for success—Imaginative Capacity is needed by which a person or a decision maker can visualize the realistic structure of achieving the work goal.

Perhaps in his mind the idea of ​​knowledge was to gain a well-informed view of the present in the light of past experience. But it does not construct the present in the light of a visible future framework. A bank manager has to earn a fair profit for the shareholders, but while earning profit, he should not be indifferent to those whose interests are closely related to the organization, he should try to make the most profit for the owners of the bank by keeping all the people happy as much as possible.

At the time of making every decision, Chowks Bank officers realistically measure the current and future impact of the decision taken. It should be remembered that there is no alternative to providing efficient and quality services for the success of the bank. But the extent to which such services will depend on technology and whether there will be any reaction from the control authority of the Employer Information Bank to extract such technology, should be taken in the morning and appropriate managerial decisions should be taken.

It should be noted that only the businessmen of the society are not the clients of the bank. People from other professions are either depositors, borrowers or both in commercial banks. On the other hand, business clients can also be of various types – some are the clients who produce the goods, some are the clients who sell the services, some are the business clients who mediate between the consumers and the producers. Some of these businessmen have very big companies, some are medium, and some are owners of small companies.

The bank manager has to maintain good relationship with these types of customers and complete the transactions with the aim of success. Communication and knowledge about their business activities is necessary during the transaction, i.e. a successful bank manager has to keep a little information about each client, his business/profession and his behavior in order to complete positive transactions with good relations with all types of clients. And the smart bank manager must know something, if not everything, about all customers. That is, “If not all but something of everything” but the little information about the client should be compassionate, not full of haste.



Questions on Introduction to Bank Management

Very short question

1. What is meant by “Bank“?

2. What are the basis for classifying various types of banks?

3. Name several nationalized commercial banks in Bangladesh.

4. Name several foreign private commercial banks in Bangladesh.

5. What is the name of the Central Bank of Bangladesh?

6. Where is the head office of Bangladesh Bank located?

7. How many branches of Central Bank is located in Dhaka?

8. What are the different types of commercial banks operating in Bangladesh?

9. How many nationalized, local foreign private commercial banks are operating in Bangladesh?


Short Question

1. Briefly discuss the functions of commercial banks.

2. What do you mean by management of commercial banks?

3. State the role of different parties involved with bank management.


Essay questions

1. Discuss the rationale of the increasing importance of Bank Management.

2. Enumerate the factors determining the Management of Banks.

3. Illustrate the basis of all-round management of Banks.

4. Discuss the techniques followed by the Bank Regulating Authorities to Control over the activities of Commercial banks.

5. Briefly discuss the overall Banking System in Bangladesh.


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