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First BanCorp is a publicly owned financial holding company located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We believe our customers are meant to achieve financial independence, prosper, and pursue the passions that drive their dreams.


First BanCorp


First Bank meets your passion with award-winning financial solutions and support from local teams. We give you the individual attention you deserve and empower you to reach your financial goals. It’s uncompromising excellence in a remarkably personal package. We’re an independent, full-service community bank that’s been trusted for generations. It’s our mission to help our customers change their lives, grow their businesses, and support their families.

First BanCorp

History of First BanCorp

FirstBank was the first Savings & Loan institution established in Puerto Rico with a capital of $200,000 in 1948. Today, the company provides financial services for retail, commercial and institutional clients in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Florida. First BanCorp is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is ranked the 669th and 1537th Largest Company In The World in Forbes magazine by Total Assets and Profits. In 2006 it had over $18.8 billion in assets.

As of May 2016, First owed $124.97 million to the US government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program.

In October 2019, FirstBank announced its intention to purchase Banco Santander de Puerto Rico. The transaction was approved by regulators on July 28, 2020, and should be completed by September 1, 2020.


First BanCorp


Key leadership in First BanCorp

  1. Mr. Aurelio Aleman-Bermudez 

Chief Exec. Officer, Pres, Director,

  1. Mr. Orlando Berges-Gonzalez CPA 

Chief Financial Officer and Exec. VP

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First BanCorp


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