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Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited is a private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited is known as a commercial bank. Like all commercial banks, BCBL’s core business is obtaining deposits and providing loans. It is a financial institution providing services for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Service includes offering different types of deposit accounts such as current deposit accounts, saving deposit accounts, and other scheme accounts as well as giving out loans to businesses and individuals.

Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

BCB makes its profit by taking small, short-term, relatively liquid deposits and transforming these into small, medium, and larger loans for short, medium, and longer maturity loans. These processes of asset transformation generate net income for BCB. BCB also does investment banking though it is not considered its main business area.

However, BCB is primarily engaged in deposit and lending activities to private and corporate clients in wholesale and retail banking. Other services typically include credit cards, mobile banking, custodial service and guarantees, cash management and settlement as well as trade finance.

Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

History of Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

The bank can trace its origins to the former Bangladesh Commerce and Investment Limited, set up on 27 January 1986. It was a non-bank financial institution. In April 1992 its activities were suspended by Bangladesh Bank due to a liquidity crisis. To protect the banking sector, the employees, and customers of the firm, it was changed into a bank by Bangladesh Bank. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited was incorporated on 1 June 1998.

Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

Robbery happed in Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

A branch of the bank in Ashulia, Bangladesh was robbed on 21 April 2015. 9 people including the bank manager were killed. One of the robbers was killed and 2 were captured out of an estimated 8-9 robbers. The attack was blamed on Islamic militants. 6 members of Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) and Ansarullah Bangla Team were sentenced to death in the case and others were imprisoned.

Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

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