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Durden Banking Company Incorporated offers a range of personal, business, and monetary financial management. Its own financial programs include checking and investment accounts, web-based banking, and multi-purpose banking. The organization provides proof of stores and IRAs. Durden Banking Company Incorporated provides online banking management services to help with the actual viewing of account data. 

durden banking company


In addition, it gives credit to customers, land, agriculture, and business. The organization assists with early installment payments from checking and bank accounts. Durden Banking Company Incorporated offers staff checks. It provides legal official and telephone banking management. The organization also provides safe deposit boxes and reserve securities and performs wire transfer operations. Durden Banking Company Incorporated is an individual of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Durden Banking Company, Incorporated Balance Sheet Analysis

As of March 31, 2022, Durden Banking Company, Incorporated had $265,137,000 in resources, $131,469,000 in advances and $233,805,000 in stores. The long-term expansion of stores demonstrates the bank’s ability to raise assets to develop its credit and resources. The rise and fall of credit and resource development depend on the bank’s development system. Sharp rises and falls in resources, stores, and credit can be dangerous, indicating lax lending principles, or currency distress leading to a reduction in lending. Significant changes in these numbers are equally likely to come from bank purchases or mergers.

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Bank Loan Profile

The three primary prepayments in Durden Banking Company, Incorporated’s credit portfolio are 1-4 Family Home Loans, Commercial and Industrial Loans, and Construction and Development Loans.

Durden Banking Company, Incorporated has a significantly higher percentage of small business loans in its currency records when compared to different banks in Georgia, possibly reflecting the characteristics of the landing area.

The Durden Company Twin City branch is one of the bank’s 4 workplaces and has been serving the money needs of customers in Twin City, Emmanuel, Georgia, since about 1934. The Twin City office is located at 111 North Railway Avenue, Twin City. You can also contact the bank by calling the branch phone number at 478-763-2121

durden banking company

The Durden Company Twin City branch is a brick-and-mortar office that provides full assistance. For entry times, drive times, and online banking management, visit the bank’s authoritative website www.durdenbc.com. Assuming you accept that the data is fragmented, wrong, outdated, or deceptive, you can change the subtleties of the branch by clicking here.

Durden Company Twin City is open Monday through Friday and closed Saturday and Sunday. The branch opens at 8:30 am. The working hours of the Shuangcheng Branch are shown in the table above. Please note that this information is subject to the regular opening and closing of positions by Durden Banking Company over the long term, which is also subject to change. Please contact a Twin City branch prior to your visit to confirm their event times and accessibility.

Durden Company, Incorporated Ratio Analysis

The accompanying ratios and information can help you better understand Durden Banking Company, Incorporated’s currency position. This information is provided by the FDIC. All banks listed on BestCashCow.com are FDIC insured. No investor has ever lost a store under FDIC protection.

durden banking company

The Texas Ratio analyzes a bank’s bad resources (bad advances and owned land) and its large amounts of normal value and credit misfortune. A lower Texas percentage indicates better inclusion of problem credit. The closer the Texas ratio is to 1-to-1, or 100%, the less capital and reserves banks need to absorb their credit woes.

Durden Banking, Incorporated had $282,000 in non-current advances and $0 in owned land as of March 31, 2022. To make up for these potential mishaps, it has a value of $30,832,000 and an advance of $3,380,000. That gives it a Texas ratio of 0.82%.

durden banking company


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