Wells Fargo Saving Accounts

Wells Fargo saving accounts has two saving accounts: Way2Save Savings and Platinum Savings.

The underlying APY for these records is 0.01%. Still, if a Platinum wells fargo saving accounts are linked to a qualifying financial record, you can get a 0.02% relationship speed. These rates fall short of the typical disclosure rate of 0.06% for investment accounts, according to information provided by the FDIC.

wells fargo saving accounts

Wells Fargo needs a $25 base store to open a Way2Save savings account or a Platinum savings account.

This is the Wells Fargo way of saving and the income you hope to earn. Rates are accurate as of May 11, 2022.

Overview of wells fargo saving accounts Interest Rates

Below is an overview of the basic store, minimum daily balance, APY, reinforcement schedule, and monthly fees for Way2Save Savings and Platinum Savings accounts.

Minimum deposit

Both Way2Save Savings Accounts and Platinum Savings Accounts require a $25 basic account opening store.

Daily minimum balance

None of the Wells Fargo investment accounts have basic daily balance prerequisites, but you can avoid monthly maintenance fees by keeping up with specific balance levels. You can avoid the $5 monthly administration fee for your Way2Save savings account by maintaining a basic daily surplus of $300 per fee period. To avoid the $12 monthly administration fee for a Platinum Savings Account, you should keep a daily surplus of at least $3,500 a month.

wells fargo saving accounts


The base APY for the Way2Save Savings Account and Platinum Savings Account is 0.01%. Platinum Savings Account APY increases the relationship speed to 0.02% for record holders with qualifying linked financial records.

Monthly cost

There is a $5 monthly administration fee for Way2Save savings accounts. In any case, you can avoid charges by doing one of the following during each charge period:

Maintain a daily surplus of at least $300

One programming action per charge of $25 or more from a connected Wells Fargo financial record

One programmed move per business day at a billing time of $1 or more from connected Wells Fargo financial records.

wells fargo saving accounts

Make a Save As You Go-like transaction from your connected Wells Fargo financial records. Save As You Go is a discretionary Wells Fargo program, so every time you pay a bill with your check card or through your bank’s web-based finance stage, you move $1.

Be a Vital Records Owner 24 or Under

Platinum savings accounts have a monthly administration fee of $12, but you can stay away from it by maintaining a daily surplus of at least $3,500 per billing period.

Intensive schedule

Premiums for Wells Fargo Investment Accounts accrue daily and are paid monthly. The daily balance on your record determines how much premium you get. Wells Fargo pays accrued interest when it reaches $0.01.

wells fargo saving accounts

Does wells fargo saving accounts have a good?

Wells fargo saving accounts loan fee for their Way2Save account is 0.01%. That’s below the public norm of 0.10%, and basically more deplorable than the annual interest rate yield (APY) of a web-based bank account. Interest rates on many top web-based bank accounts are around 0.50%.

Where can I put my money to earn the most interest?

The accompanying ideas can help you make arrangements to save and expand your premium profits.

  • High return savings account. 
  • High return checking account. 
  • Album and CD ladder. 
  • money market account. 
  • Depositary Receipts.

wells fargo saving accounts offer loan fees that are lower than normal for the general public and well below the interest rates of the best internet-based bank accounts. If you’re looking for higher loan costs, you can shop online at your bank or credit union.

Still, wells fargo saving accounts can be sure that all is well for account holders, as it may be the largest bank in the country by resources. Also, if you’re not satisfied with continuing to work online, wells fargo saving accounts operates at approximately 4,900 branches and more than 12,000 ATMs.

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