Trust Bank Limited is one of the leading private commercial banks having a spread network of 113 branches & SME centers, 4 sub-branches, 245 ATM Booths, and above 500 POS across Bangladesh and plans to open more branches to cover the important commercial areas in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and other areas in 2021. The bank, sponsored by the Army Welfare Trust (AWT), is the first of its kind in the country.  With a wide range of modern corporate and consumer financial products Trust Bank has been operating in Bangladesh since 1999 and has achieved public confidence as a sound and stable bank.


Trust Bank Limited (Bangladesh)


In 2001, the bank introduced an automated branch banking system to increase efficiency and improve customer service. In the year 2005, the bank moved one step further and introduced ATM services for its customers.

Since the bank’s business volume increased over the years and the demands of the customers enlarged manifold, our technology has been upgraded to manage the growth of the bank and meet the demands of our customers.

Trust Bank Limited (Bangladesh)


In January 2007, Trust Bank successfully launched Online Banking Services which facilitate Any Branch Banking, ATM Banking, Phone Banking, SMS Banking, & Internet Banking to all customers.  Customers can now deposit or withdraw money from any Branch of Trust Bank nationwide without needing to open multiple accounts in multiple Branches.

Via Online Services and Visa Electron (Debit Card), ATMs now allow customers to retrieve 24×7 hours of Account information such as account balance checkups through mini-statements and cash withdrawals.

Trust Bank has successfully introduced Visa Credit Cards to serve its existing and potential valued customers.  Credits cards can now be used at shops & restaurants all around Bangladesh and even internationally.

Trust Bank is a customer-oriented financial institution.  It remains dedicated to meeting up with the ever-growing expectations of the customer because at Trust Bank, the customer is always at the center.


Trust Bank Limited (Bangladesh)

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