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Karmasangsthan Bank lit. ’Employment Bank’ is a specialized government-owned bank in Bangladesh. The bank was founded to finance the unemployed to set up small enterprises.

Karmasangsthan-Bank is a state-owned non-scheduled bank in Bangladesh. The bank was set up with the aim of encouraging the unemployed to set up small-scale industries with financial assistance. The bank was established in 1997 to provide credit assistance to the country’s growing unemployed youth and young women through self-employment to alleviate poverty.


Karmasangsthan Bank


History of Karmasangsthan Bank

The bank was founded in 1998, with an approved capital of 3 billion takas. The Karmasangsthan Bank was established as per Karmasangsthan-Bank Act No.7 of 1998. The bank was founded to increase the income of people in rural areas of Bangladesh.

Karmasangsthan Bank

The management method of Karmasangsthan-Bank

The current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank is former Secretary Kaniz Fatema, NDC, and Managing Director Mr. Shirin Akhtar. Other members of the Board of Directors are (ex officio) the Director-General of the Bureau of NGO Affairs, the Director-General of the Department of Youth Development, the Joint Secretary of the Financial Institutions Department, the Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank, and the Board Secretary of the Bank.


Karmasangsthan Bank

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